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Spencer Tunick Sydney 2010
Spencer Tunick Ope?ra Sydney 2010 >> Spencer-Tunick-Sydney-2010.jpg

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Butterflyrecord a commenté le 1 mars 2010 // 9 h 55 min // #1

he saw two students snttiig in he grass kissing, and people were shaking their heads and saying things like get a room. Another time, he saw two students fighting, and a crowd quickly gathered to watch.I’m trying to raise my boys without a puritanical fear of sex and nudity, but it’s hard. They were playing a video game called God of War, and after slashing through guards, zombie things, and a giant dragon, my son covered his eyes and said, This is the bad part as a topless woman appeared.They are little nudists, though. They don’t tink anything of running around the house naked, so maybe there’s hope for them.But I do think that worshipping the supernatural reduces one’s appreciation for the natural world. And participating in a religion which views the natural world as sinful and wrong increases violence and crimes against humanity.I want to live in a world where kissing is beautiful and fighting is shameful.

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